Mission Possible

Don't be a Landfillian! Please always properly dispose of your recyclable and composable waste. This is crucial in minimizing environmental pollution and it will reduce your carbon footprint to help curb the effects of climate change.

This doesn't have to be hard. Earth Grammie has lots of suggestions for earth friendly everyday practices and products.

You can also help the planet by using to energy-efficient appliances, switching to renewable sources of energy, watching your food waste and consumption, and by conserving water.

Another great way to be part of the solution is to seek out businesses and organizations that prioritize sustainability.

Earth Grammie will be highlighting these businesses in her WoW program!

By making conscious choices and actively participating in efforts to reduce our waste, we can all contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for our planet.

Every Problem Inspires it's Own Solutions

Will You Do Your Part?

a bulldozer is sitting on a pile of garbage
a bulldozer is sitting on a pile of garbage
Climate change is a pressing global issue that requires our collective action,
but you can easily be part of the solution by adopting sustainable habits into your everyday life.

The easiest way to help is to be more eco-conscious about what you buy. Don't make any purchases without "facing the waste" it will produce.

Two of the biggest ways you can help be part of the solution is by raising your voice in your community to help promote local programs and by exercising your vote at the ballot box to advocate for policies that promote renewable energy and sustainability measures.

We Can All Start Policing Our Plastic

Our current system of consumption and disposal encourages more waste.

Although only used for a few minutes before being discarded, single use plastic persists in our natural environment for 100's of years! So those bags we use to carry things home and all that product packaging we quickly toss into the trash could out live us! Think of that.

Less than one-tenth of the plastic waste created by homes and businesses in the U.S. gets recycled — the other 91% gets dumped in landfills or is incinerated (causing more global warming) or winds up in rivers, streams and in the oceans as pollution.

And an estimated 16.5 million tons of plastic washes into the world’s oceans every year, with the pile growing larger every day! And floating garbage patches can go on for miles in the open seas!

All this plastic harms and kills marine animals by entangling them, poisoning them or blocking their digestive tracts.

If we don't take action, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050!

So there’s really only one way to truly protect our planet from the harmful form of plastic waste: Use less of it in the first place. Earth Grammie knows we can make a difference if we try.

*best estimates based on findings in the “Trash in America” report of 2021

assorted garbage bottles on sandy surface
assorted garbage bottles on sandy surface

We need to realize that

Single Use Is Really Earth Abuse



And Over Consumption Is So Overrated

It's In Our Hands

To keep our environment clean, protect life and ensure a healthier and greener world for generations to come, we need to move toward a zero waste future.

Zero might seem like an impossible number but we can do our best to get there.

In order to do this, we'll need to Reduce our material consumption first and foremost. Next, we need to ensure that we make efforts to Reuse, Refurbish and Repair everything we possibly can. And we’ll need to prioritize Recycling or composting remaining materials.

We can also turn the tide on trash by becoming Warriors on Waste and supporting businesses that incentivize a “circular” or “closed-loop” production systems by integrating their waste back into production.

Earth Grammie hopes you will join her in the effort by making sustainable shopping choices, conserving energy, asking questions and refusing to use single use products when ever you can.

Just Remember, even small actions can go a long way.

By uniting in our mission to protect our planet, together we can we can truly make a positive impact.

So, let's start a dialogue, share our knowledge, tips and ideas, and encourage others to strive for a more sustainable future for all the kids and grandkids out there, including you.